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So this is weird.  Someone wrote a sequel to one of my fanfics, and I can't decide if I'm flattered or just sort of annoyed.  Is that normal?  What's the etiquette for this sort of thing?

She did give me credit and provided a link to the original story, so I guess that's good...And people do still write me angry emails about that story ending too soon, which I find completely hilarious.

Still...Other People's Pets 2.  Huh.

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That's not normal! The least they could've done is at least ask permission. I've seen other people get chewed out for writing unauthorized sequels. You're taking it rather well. :D

Is it on ffnet?

No, it's on deviantART. I don't think it was posted that long ago...I sort of found it by accident. And it's weird -- she wrote it for a contest of all things.

(One of the prizes is a stuffed Dalek. Perhaps I should request half of it, should she win.)

I actually don't quite know how to take it, since I'm writing fan fiction -- I mean, I'm already working with someone else's intellectual property. Is it weird for me to complain about someone doing the same to me?

But yeah...asking permission would have been polite.

I think it's generally considered polite to ask permission before doing things like writing sequels to other people's work.

It's not quite as bad as stealing the original idea butwith asking for credit it just seems rude.

Not sure what you could do about it though....

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